IACFB Membership, Guide, and Boot Camp

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  • IACFB Boot Camp Access Included
  • IACFB Magazine Access Included
  • Training Guide Print Version Add-On

IACFB Membership
Factoring 101 Training Guide (PDF)
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IACFB Agent, Guide, Boot Camp, Plus SA Series Website

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IACFB Membership
SA-Series Website with Elementor
Video Salesperson
WordPress Blog
cPanel with Business Email
Member Magazine Subscription
Free Member Boot Camp Access
Referrer 50 / 50 Commission Program
Expert Lead Closing Service
Bonus / Contest Events
Free SSL Certificate
Free Domain (with annual hosting)

Registered Guest Academy Access (30 Days)

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  • Complete access to Factoring 101 includes
  • Complete access to Factoring 202 includes
  • Complete access to Factoring 303 includes
  • Complete access to Agency Training Includes
  • IACFB Certification Program Includes
  • Factoring 101 Brokers Guide (PDF) Includes

IACFB Partners Program at the Academy

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  • 10 Email Boxes Includes
  • WordPress Blog Includes
  • 50 GB Disk Space Includes
  • Unlimited Bandwidth Includes
  • SSL Certificate Includes

Complete 101, 202, 303, Online Academy Access
Factoring 101 Training Guide 5-star
Special IACFB WordPress "Partners" Website
Partners / Agents Training Module
Discount Website Hosting
IACFB Magazine Access
Factoring 101 Training Guide (PDF)
Standard Broker Commissions
Affiliate Marketing Commission Program
Bonus Reimbursement Program ($300)

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  • Complete training program at IACFB (International Association of Commercial Finance Consultants)